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3 tips on how to clean the windows of the house.

3 tips on how to clean the windows of the house.

Cleaning your crystals has never been so easy. Here we give you the steps to follow so that cleansing the crystals does not resist you and they are perfect.

It can be a long and quite entertaining task. Especially when cleaning the windows, there are usually marks, or it just starts to rain and ruins everything in the blink of an eye.

Keep in mind that there is a wide range to clean crystals. There are mainly two types: sprays to be sprayed on glass or windows and liquid creams applied to the glass, allowed to dry, and then removed.


  • Remove excessive dirt. With a lint-free cloth or duster.
  • Apply glass cleaner. A common mistake is to apply the product directly when cleaning the crystals; the ideal is to do it first on the rag/cloth. This way, we do not waste products, and prevent the surface from being damaged since they are usually abrasive.
  • Remove the product. If it is in Spray, it must be done immediately after applying it since this prevents marks from being left. It is advisable to do it with drying or kitchen paper. On the other hand, if the product is a cream, you must let it dry completely and then remove it. It is essential to follow this step since cleaning the crystals is the most common mistake of not releasing the product well.


  • Never in direct sunlight or with the wind: The window cleaning spray dries very quickly without giving you time to remove all product traces. And they give rise to reflections, which we don’t see until the sun disappears.
  • Use the proper clothes: There are microfiber suede cloths that do not release lint like the usual ones. They are ideal for cleaning crystals more effectively.
  • Different senses of cleaning: Few people know this trick. But the idea is to change the direction to cleanse the crystals. For example, we are cleaning clockwise on one face; and on the other, we will do the opposite.

In addition, choosing the perfect product to clean crystals is complicated. But in the following video, we will show you a simple way to make your homemade window cleaner.

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