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5 tips to clean dirty glass and windows

5 tips to clean dirty glass and windows

Cleaning windows… what a tedious task!

Using crystals provides insulation against atmospheric conditions while allowing us to enjoy the light and the natural environment. But, do we manage to leave them crystal clear as we wish, or, on the contrary, do they become an odyssey when cleaning them?

Glass is a material characterized by its transparency, which provides the previously mentioned advantages but drawbacks such as dirt imperfections such as dust, mud splashes, rings from previous cleaning, lint, raindrops, or fingerprints, among endless more factors that make a clean and pleasant appearance something unfriendly and annoying.

In this post, we will give some tips on properly cleaning crystals until they are transparent.

Five tips for cleaning glass and windows

Perform frequent maintenance of glass and windows

First of all, we must be aware that cleaning glass and windows frequently will prevent the accumulation of dirt and will facilitate their subsequent thorough cleaning. In addition, we will avoid a sloppy look!
Prepare yourself before you start cleaning glass and windows

We are not will not you; cleaning glass and windows require time, so we recommend that you look for the ideal moment without haste and, of course, do not stop until it is completely translucent.
Clean the frames and supports of the glass and windows

When we intend to clean the glass and windows of our house or office, we must take the opportunity to pass the cloth through the frames and the supports where they are supported. When cleaning the glass and windows, the products we apply for this tend to slide down the sides and bottom, which inevitably incurs dirt on its support.

Clean glass and windows when the sun is out

While the crystals receive sunlight, the heat will cause them to dry too quickly, and therefore, we will have to go over the same task several times until the desired result is achieved so that the crystals and windows are completely clean.
Be aware of the size of the surface.

Of course, cleaning a mirror is not the same as cleaning the glass in a vast window located in your office. Cleaning large glass surfaces requires a more detailed and meticulous procedure, and the demand for time will be greater, so you will surely need professional help if you have to clean glass at a certain height, for example.

Clean kitchen glass, cabinets, doors, and windows

If there were a ranking of difficulty when it comes to cleaning the windows, the task of cleaning windows in the kitchen would win by a landslide. The reason is apparent since all the dirt that a glass acquires by the simple fact of its exposure must be added to the fat produced by the vapors when cooking daily, especially fried ones. That is why the frequency of cleaning the crystals located in the kitchen or close to it must be higher than in the rest of the house.

To start cleaning the windows in your kitchen, we recommend using hot water with ammonia and starting from the top down. The procedure should be to rub with a scourer that does not scratch and then rinse the glass and windows with clean water.

Add dishwasher soap to this previously exposed solution. You can obtain a slightly more professional result, but remember that you will have to rinse more profoundly and repeatedly to eliminate the foam generated.

Once this is done, rub the window frames with the same water you used to clean the glass. Of course, change this as often as necessary to avoid dirtying instead of cleaning.

When it comes to drying, the best way to clean windows is to use 100% cotton cloths, which do not leave lint, or a fabric specially adapted for windows. But never use toilet paper since it leaves residue and lint that will spoil the work. Products such as those used for cleaning cooktops are also frequently used as they add shine and liveliness to the glass.

Once finished, wipe with a cotton cloth moistened with ammonia water and dry with another cotton cloth or cloth.

Clean windows located in rooms or living room

Before cleaning crystals of any kind, the first thing to do is to dry remove all the dust they may have, but do not rub them because you can end up scratching them. Just dedicate yourself to removing the dust without exerting pressure.

We recommend reusing warm water’s previously exposed composition with ammonia or adding cleaning vinegar.

If we attend to cleaning windows, it is always advisable to start with the frames and other accessories, such as blinds, so you will avoid that once the crystals are clean, you do not dirty them again when cleaning them.

To clean sliding window glass, you can ask for help to disassemble them and thus access those parts that always overlap between the sheets.

When we have children at home, we often find stickers on the windows that leave a residue when removed. For this reason, we recommend removing it dry, preventing the glue from spreading on the glass and making it difficult to remove later.

We do not recommend using blades to remove the glue from the stickers on the crystals. From Serviman Cleaning, we recommend that you first try to use a cloth with alcohol or nail polish that will help your detachment process.

How should I clean the bathroom screen?

It can be one of the most complex and least appreciated tasks since regular use makes them frequently seen without cleaning.

There are many products to clean windows, but a home remedy is to make a mixture with products such as lemon and cleaning vinegar, a scouring pad that does not scratch, and a powerful anti-limescale.

Once you have removed the mark of the drops and stains embedded in the crystals, rinse with warm water. You can repeat the action with ammonia if you want a brighter result.

We again recommend using an old t-shirt or 100% cotton cloth for drying.

As for the recommended products, again, we can use those we apply to our ceramic hob to help you obtain an optimal result.

From Serviman Cleanings Granada, we remind you that there are no miracles, so if you want to keep the windows of your screen clean, the ideal is to dry the interior after each shower with a cloth like the one we have mentioned and warm water.
Cleaning of glass buildings and shop windows

Here, things get serious. It is recommended to go to cleaning companies for various reasons such as the extensive surface to be cleaned, which requires special machinery and tools as well as adapted products. It is necessary to go to professionals or cleaning companies since there is a considerable risk and all the material required for it.

Finally, some jobs require professional polishing procedures, which work water and ammonia here. Still here, we will have to have the professional help of a cleaning company.

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