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7 tips to clean the office

7 tips to clean the office

These seven tips for cleaning the office are essential to maintain a healthy and comfortable work environment, which will allow a better workflow by enabling workers to be in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere; even if clients visit your office is very good to have a clean office by giving a better image to the client. In addition, keeping the office up to date in this regard is much more important, if possible; today, due to the increasing spread of Covid-19, we must do everything possible to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene at all times, our only weapon against this virus.

Specific aspects must be taken into account when cleaning the office:

1. The crystals

They must be cleaned every 2 or 3 months since the stains of footprints, rain, and others do not let sunlight in, which also gives a feeling of neglect.

2. The kitchen

Suppose the office has a kitchen where the workers eat. In that cacleaninglean, it regularly, especially to remove any traces of grease that may have remained, removing move the garbage, since if the temperature is warm, it can cause unpleasant odors in a short time. Time frame.

3. The bathrooms

Having clean bathrooms is mandatory, as it is one of the places that gets dirtiest and the one that most conveys to workers and customers that cleaning is being carried out correctly. Daily, you have to replenish toilet paper and liquid hand soap, change garbage bags by throwing away the full ones, and disinfect the toilet and sinks. However, this is not enough; it is also necessary from time to time to clean the walls, floors, mirrors, and the ventilation grill. Otherwise, moisture and mold stains will accumulate, which can be very unpleasant.

4. The roofs

The ceilings are the great forgotten in cleaning, but it is essential to clean them to prevent the accumulation of dust and moisture.

5. The soils

Floors are essential in office cleaning; it covers the entire office space. Therefore it must be swept or vacuumed every day and scrubbed regularly. However, when cleaning floors, the different types of feet must be considered since each one will have another way of cleaning. For example, for a parquet, it is not good to use a lot of water; if you need to know more about cleaning parquet, we post on our blog about “Tips for cleaning parquet and leaving it like the first day.”

6. Technological machines and equipment

Office machines and computers are very delicate; they must be adequately cleaned to prevent deterioration. A different type of alcohol called “Isopropyl Alcohol” should be used, which has faster evaporation, which is very convenient for this technological equipment.

7. the dust

As a last piece of advice, the static electricity that is created in the offices favors the accumulation of dust; therefore, methods must be used that allow the dust to be removed without raising it later, which can cause more significant deterioration of the technological equipment since one of its first enemies is dust. One way to do this is with a microfiber towel moistened with a little product suitable for treating the surface.

Seven tips for cleaning the office

As you can see, office cleaning is not so simple as it is a space where many people congregate and has particular specifications, therefore, at the Cleaning company we offer an office cleaning service, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than willing to do everything possible to clean your office and leave it perfect.

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