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7 tricks for cleaning community of neighbors

7 tricks for cleaning community of neighbors

When the time comes to clean the community of neighbors, there is always disagreement between the owners of the houses since each one has their opinion on how to do it or the neighbors’ needs. Reaching an agreement between neighbors and complying with the Horizontal Property Law is not an easy task.


The best way to avoid discrepancies and discussions and favor coexistence between the neighbors is to hire a cleaning company that knows how to Clean the community of neighbors effectively. If you need a cleaning company for your community of neighbors, we will be happy to help you with Cleaning. Even so, we leave you with some essential recommendations you will have to consider for a successful neighborhood community cleaning.
Cleaning of the common areas of the community of neighbors: Cleaning of the portal, cleaning of the landing, cleaning of the corridors, and Cleaning of stairs

The common areas of a community of neighbors need continuous maintenance as they are the busiest: the portal, the landing, the corridors, and the stairs… The Cleaning of the community of neighbors must be done in the hours of less traffic of the neighbors, as well we will avoid disturbing the people who live in the neighborhood community.

Cleaning windows and lights should be done at least once a month.

Establishing schedules or shifts between neighbors can be very complicated; if you want your specific community areas to be always tidy and shiny, hiring a cleaning company with a cleaning service for the community of neighbors is best.

Your cleaning company has specific cleaning services for marble or terrazzo floors. It will be clean and shiny by polishing or vitrifying the bottom of your community of neighbors.

elevator cleaning

The elevator is one of the busiest areas after the portal and the landing in a community of neighbors; therefore, daily Cleaning is essential for it to look impeccable. It only takes a few days for the mirror, the buttons, or the elevator floor to look dirty, with fingerprints or stains, in addition to accumulating thousands of bacteria that we do not see.

On the other hand, each owner must take care of what is dirty if it is not for daily use; that is, if he makes a move or has a pet, the residencommunity’s residents take care of what is dirty. But, if the elevator is dirty from daily and everyday use, it is the task of the community of neighbors in general.

It is essential to use specific products to clean the elevator, especially for the doors and buttons of stainless steel.

Pets and cleaning community of neighbors

For your community of neighbors to be in perfect condition, there must be rules regarding the pets of the owner’s house. The animals must not be loose in the common areas of the neighbors’ community; if they relieve themselves, the owner must pick them up and clean them. The owner will also be responsible if his pet causes any damage to the community of neighbors. Finally, in the gardens and swimming pools, it will be advisable to prohibit entry to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the neighborhood of neighbors.

Cleaning and maintenance of community garages

The Cleaning of the community garage is an area that is very easy to neglect since a lot of dirt from the street and exhaust fumes enter through vehicles. For this reason, it is essential to maintain the community garage so that the cars are kept in perfect condition.

To maintain a community garage, it would be enough to sweep it every week, but it is also necessary to disinfect and derat the garage once a year. Finally, every 4 or 6 months, it is advisable to use scrubbers and degreasing products. In our cleaning company, we offer our garage cleaning service using specialized products so that the garage in your community is impeccable.

Cleaning of community terraces

Plot o,f dirt accumulates in the typical terraces or interior patios. Therefore, it is essential to clean these community areas since it is where the drains usually overflow or the clothespins, plants, and other things of the community fall. of neighbors. Whether or not the Cleaning of terraces or interior patios is busy, it is essential to remove these objects and clean the drains well to prevent them from becoming clogged and moisture from coming out and having significant problems in the community of neighbors.

Become aware of the garbage space in the neighborhood community

Within a community of neighbors, there must be a specific space to collect garbage and throw it away later. The community’s residents must be aware that they do not have to temporarily leave the trash in the common spaces because it brings bad hygiene, bad smells, and possible infections or undesirable animals that could alter the coexistence between neighbors.

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