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8 tips for cleaning hospitals

8 tips for cleaning hospitals

Cleaning hospitals is a very delicate task since they are spaces full of possibilities for infection by different types of microorganisms, such as the already well-known coronavirus. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to properly clean the hospital building and thus guarantee patients, workers, and visitors a safe stay.

The steps to follow for proper cleaning of hospitals are the following:


Have a suitable cleaning cart that does not get in the way of the corridors or entrances. When cleaning closed areas such as rooms, the coach must remain outside. Have the cart always very organized and clean. Also, have clothes organized by color according to the place to be cleaned.


Carry out cleaning from the cleanest parts to the dirtiest parts, beginning with the highest floors and ending with the lowest, while, in turn, cleaning from within each floor that touches outside of it. In this way, we do Thread dirt to usually kept clean places.


A cleaning staff trained in cleaning protocols in a hospital is essential; they know how to handle the specific products used for this task even more so.


In turn, there must be supervision of the cleaning and the personnel in charge to guarantee that the process is being carried out optimally.


A hospital’s cleaning staff must always be protected when handling cleaning products and subsequent cleaning of the different areas through disposable gloves, masks, a suitable uniform, and all the necessary clothing to work safely. Safe way.


Care must be taken with ventilation, as it could help spread microorganisms throughout the spaces.


It is not advisable to raise the dust; for this, it is recommended to use cloths moistened with the appropriate product for the material to be cleaned and pass it through the area to be treated, using a different fabric in each zone or area. In this way, the dust is removed and does not rise in the air since this could increase the expansion of certain microorganisms that could accompany the dust particles, infecting the patients or personnel.

Cleaning vs. disinfection

Staff must differentiate between cleaning and disinfecting processes, knowing exactly when to use each and how to do it properly. Cleaning removes dirt, but not the micro bacterial life forms that can be found in that place; instead, with disinfection after a first cleaning, it is passed to the use of products such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, etc., or Through forms of heat such as water vapor, this eliminates these forms of micro bacterial life, which helps prevent the spread of infections and diseases such as coronavirus.

As can be seen, carrying out an adequate regular cleaning of a hospital is a complex and essential task as it guarantees the place’s safety for its correct operation.

However, not everyone can do this type of cleaning; it requires specialized personnel in the field who know how to work optimally for the hospital building where I was working at that time.

To do this, we have a cleaning service at a Cleaning company, so you can find qualified staff who will know how to clean the hospital most appropriately.

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