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8 tips to clean your kitchen

8 tips to clean your kitchen

Did you know that with a series of tricks, you can keep your kitchen clean for longer and with less effort?


From Serviman Cleaning, we give you eight tips so that your kitchen stays clean for a long because everyone likes to see everything clean and in its place. If you consider the things we propose, you will make your kitchen perfect.

1. Keep cleaning instruments clean

To have a clean kitchen, we need the cleaning instruments to be clean. It would help if you rinsed the scouring pads and cloths after using them and, very importantly, let them dry well.

Another tip for keeping cleaning tools clean is putting your rags in the washing machine or even soaking them with a couple of drops of bleach and detergent. With this, we will ensure that bacteria do not accumulate.

2. Sanitize countertops and cutting boards

It would help if you kept the countertop and chopping boards disinfected because it is what we use for handling and cutting food. The advice that Serviman Cleaning proposes is that you pass a damp cloth with a few drops of disinfectant without bleach that cleans and eliminates the bacteria that may have accumulated on the surface.

3. Clean the stove

So that the burners are completely clean, you must put them in water with a disinfectant without bleach, then rub them with the scourer to remove all the dirt more easily.

To clean what surrounds the stove, the most recommended is a grease remover. Leave it for a few seconds and remove the product with a damp cloth.

4. Make your ceramic hob shine

If instead of having stoves, you have a vitro, it is even easier. You have to use a grease remover and clean it with a cloth; cleaning it will not take a minute.

5. The dishwasher does not clean itself

Most people believe that the dishwasher cleans itself, but this is not the case.

The dishwasher should be washed at least every two months, and it is as easy as doing a wash with the empty dishwasher and with a machine cleaning product. This will eliminate foul odors, dirt, and accumulated lime.

6. Keep your fridge spotless

If you do not want your fridge to have bad smells, you must keep the inside of your fridge sparkling. First, empty your fridge. Then, pass a damp cloth with a few drops of disinfectant over the interior. This way, you will keep your fridge in the best state and without odors. Finally, it is also recommended that you clean the exterior, the handle, and the rubber bands.

7. you must keep the floor and tiles clean

Grease likely remains on the wall tiles after each cooking, so it is essential that you clean with grease remover after each one, leaving it to act for a few seconds and removing it with a damp cloth.

On the other hand, Cleaning  Service proposes that the kitchen floor be cleaned daily, so your kitchen remains sparkling.

8. The garbage can is the excellent forgotten

Can you tell me when the last time you washed the garbage can was? At least once every two weeks, we must clean it with water and bleach since it is where the most dirt accumulates. With this, you will ensure that it remains disinfected and has no foul odors.

If you take a few minutes every day, keeping your kitchen clean is not diftricky forced since you avoid the accumulation of grease and dirt and do not have to thoroughly clean.

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