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Best and Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Best and Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Quartzite is a hard non-foliated metamorphic rock that results from quartz sandstone’s alteration (metamorphism).

Sandstone is transformed into quartzite through heating and pressure usually associated with tectonic compression in orogenic belts.

Pure white quartzite Atlanta to gray, but quartzite is also often found in shades of pink and red due to varying amounts of iron oxide. Other colors, such as yellow, green, blue, and orange, are due to other mineral impurities.

When sandstone is cemented on quartzite, the individual quartz grains crystallize together with the former cementing material to form an interlocking mosaic of quartz crystals.

Small amounts of the former cementing materials, iron oxides, silica, carbonates, and clays, often migrate during recrystallization and metamorphosis. This causes the formation of lines and lenses on the quartzite.

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house.

The kitchen counter is one of the essential components of a functional kitchen.

The surface of the kitchen must be made of materials that support cooking activities on it.

Engineered quartz is an artificial countertop material that uses natural quartz particles artificially bonded using various chemical components, resins, and pigments.

This material is an excellent choice for those looking for a kitchen countertop that is durable and stylish and lasts a long time.

Facts About Counter Tables Made Of Quartz

Building material information about facts quartz stone which is usually used as a quartz kitchen countertops material in friendly kitchens.

Maybe you are planning to renovate your kitchen by using quartz stone as the base material for your counter. Before going to the renovation stage, looking for information about the materials, you will use would be better. Here are some facts about quartz that you should know.

Many people think that countertops made of quartz are directly mined from an exotic place, cut into slabs, and mounted on the table surface. But the reality is not like that. Although a mineral called quartz is mined, it is not the quartz usually found on kitchen counters.

When you look at the quartz table closely, of course, there is quartz material, but there are other materials on the table. For example, about 10 percent of the material is a binder, which is resin or cement-based. Then the remaining 90 percent is made of other materials, including waste materials such as marble, granite, ceramics, glass, silica, and quartz.

Almost everyone chooses to have furniture in an environmentally friendly home, especially if that person is very fond of renovating. Because some elements in the house must be replaced frequently, choosing ecologically friendly furniture is necessary. If you are looking for a green color option for your counter, it is very suitable if quartz is the primary choice.

  • Quartz is not only used on counters. You can also use it as a flooring material

People think quartz is only used as the base material for the counter. Carefully crafted quartz is widely used as a flooring material. You can see this when you go to malls and airports, which usually use quartz for floor surfaces.

  • Quartz does not require extra care

A strong reason why quartz is a great place to work on your countertops is that it’s easy to maintain. To clean a counter made of quartz, you only need water and a soft cloth to clean the surface. If you want to clean thoroughly, add a mild detergent that can clean the dirt that sticks perfectly.

Make sure that you use a detergent that suits your needs so that the surface of the quartz counter is not damaged and faded.

Those are facts and information about quartz stone, usually used on the surface of the kitchen counter.

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