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Business background and experience

Business background and experience

Over 40 years, has established itself as a company promoting real estate ventures in the country’s interior. The quality, infrastructure design, and added value of its projects have earned the business group numerous awards and certifications, highlighting its work team’s personal commitment and professionalism.

Since 2004, FIABCI, the International Federation of Real Estate Professionals in Colombia has highlighted the work in the construction sector. The first recognition for Real Estate Excellence highlighted the El Trébol Urbanization in the category of social interest housing (VIS). Subsequently, the business group was honored for two consecutive years for the Bogotá Terrestrial Cargo Terminal and the Metropolitan Business Center in Cota projects in 2008 and 2009, respectively. In the year 201, he received the distinction again, this time for Yanbal Everest in the industrial category. The following year he was awarded the best industrial project in the country for his work with the COPIDROGAS Distribution Plant on Calle 80 via Siberia.

Subsequently, following the same meritorious path, it received the Real Estate Excellence Award in 2016 as the Developer Company of the Year, a recognition given to companies in the building sector that build a better Colombia. The last award was received in October 2018 for the best project of social interest with OIKOS Versalles in Zipaquira.

The awards result from the good business practices, quality, and innovation of projects, which transcend the market and make it a benchmark in the sector.

The certifications that the construction company has achieved are proof of its constant search for excellence. It has quality certification under the ISO 900 standard, including environmental issues with ISO 14001 and occupational health and industrial safety with OHSAS 18001. Recently, its country condominium project in Cajicá, Savanna, acquired the EDGE certification for green construction, thanks to the strategies implemented in the building process in terms of sustainability, care for the environment, and use of natural resources.

Value offer

Value offer is different for each project, as it is designed according to the sector in which it will be built and the community’s needs. In this way, OIKOS has a broad portfolio of differential projects: country homes on large, natural land such as those offered in the Sabana de Bogotá, urban renewal projects, low-income housing, storage warehouses, and offices.

Projects stand out for their design and quality. At the housing construction level, clients can find houses, apartments, and studio apartments with common luxury areas, a sports club, or a project shopping center a few kilometers from it, which favor future residents’ well-being and comfort. In addition, the business group has been concerned since its foundation with offering affordable housing for households with fewer economic resources, and building comfortable and innovative VIS projects such as La Península in Bogotá, a “self-construction” project with a humanitarian focus. The idea arose with the board of directors as an alternative so that people with little capacity to buy a house could acquire their own by actively participating in its construction. OIKOS made two base models and marketed lots that families constructed according to their preferences or replicating the models. The result: 420 self-built homes.

As well as creating housing for low-income populations, environmental initiatives are part of the value offer and its corporate social responsibility strategies. Respect for natural environments, planting trees, and implementing sustainable construction systems is one of its priorities, contributing to the harmony between development and nature. An example of this is Savanna Palos Verdes, a house project built to be friendly to the environment since its subfloor, mezzanine, and ceiling are made of lightweight concrete plates that, due to their weight, reduce the energy incorporated in their installation, light solar energy is used during the day to feed the bioclimatic management system, the lighting is LED and low consumption drains are implemented to enable water savings.

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