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With the arrival of summer, we all think about things to clean at home and how to put our house in good condition, but many of us forget something significant: the garden. And you may be wondering… how to clean the garden in summer? In this article, we tell you.


Although it can take a backseat for many people, the truth is that taking care of the garden is a very relevant aspect to take into account throughout the year, but even more so with the beginning of summer. The high temperatures, the scarce rains, and the long hours of sunshine per day force those who have a garden to adapt to the care routine of their plants. Let’s not forget that the park is an area where we should feel at peace and to which we should turn to calm down after a stressful day, so what less than having it shiny?

Many people decorate their gardens with the most beautiful and colorful flowers but forget the need to be consistent in their maintenance to enjoy them for as long as possible. In addition, with the arrival of the holidays and the excellent weather, we all like to celebrate afternoons and evenings with our friends in the garden of our house, so if we want to make a good impression, it is essential to clean it thoroughly!

As mentioned, the high temperatures of this time of year are detrimental to the survival of flowers and plants, causing them to lose their nutrients due to water scarcity. This is also harmful to the lawn, which, if not cared for properly, will lose its vivid green hue due to drought.


Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to enjoy a clean and healthy garden this holiday:

We recommend watering the garden first thing in the morning or at sunset since these are times when there is not much Sun and the temperature is pleasant. On days when it is hotter, it is necessary to use a more significant amount of water to prevent plants and flowers from withering. In addition, you have to consider the size of the pots and the flowers; the larger they are, the more water they will require.

If you have hanging plants, avoid direct sunlight. Also, when you water these plants, ensure they receive plenty of water since they need more than those on the ground.
lawn care

As for the lawn, it is essential to keep it at a suitable height: it is necessary to cut it so that it is at a reasonable level, but not excessively, since in this way, the root would be exposed, negatively affecting the plant. Watering it with the same guidelines as the rest of the plants in the garden is essential since it helps to lower the temperature of the entire environment.

type of flowers

If you have not changed the spring flowers, we advise you to change them for summer ones since the former are not adapted to withstand high temperatures.

Maintenance of furniture and decoration

If you have outdoor furniture, even if it is prepared for high temperatures and exposure to the Sun, it is recommended that you place it under a pergola or parasol to avoid wear and tear, especially if it has varnish or paint.

pests and weeds

Two of the dangers that summer brings to our garden. You must pay attention to possible pests and use insecticides to avoid them since they are persistent at this time of year. As with posts, summer is the ideal time for weeds, so if you see some, you must remove them as soon as possible since the longer they remain in our garden, the bigger their roots will become, and therefore, the more difficult they will be to extract.

pool cleaning

If you are one of the privileged ones who can enjoy this wonder at home, it is essential to keep the pool clean if you do not want the water to get dirty and infected.

In short, many of us want a garden in our house, but we often forget that to enjoy it, we must work correctly and constantly to keep it impeccable. Therefore, if you were waiting for a push to get to work… you already know how to clean the garden in summer!

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