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Confinement arrived, and buildings such as schools or offices were emptied during this time. The face-to-face assistance of students and employees was replaced by teleworking and remote classes, which invaded many of the country’s homes. School classes became online session classes through technological devices, and business people moved their offices to homes using meetings through videoconferences as a communication channel.

This allowed companies dedicated to cleaning and disinfection services to get down to work to carry out massive disinfection throughout the territory so that the spaces were free of any infection when it was time to return to activity. Cleaning services were recommended to go over all types of surfaces that could have been in contact with the staff with a bleach solution or any other effective disinfectant: tables, chairs, bars, railings, and doorknobs…

Cleaning services during the pandemic have carried out a pivotal task to stop the spread of a virus that knows no borders, race, age, or gender. Without the cleaning staff’s work and the virus that caused the pandemic, we do not see how far its expansion could have been.

This is why, now more than ever, we have to count on the work and professionalism of cleaning and maintenance companies, since they are the ones that best know what they are dealing with and, therefore, can guarantee excellent results. Suitable for our health.


In addition to having played an essential role due to their role as executors of disinfection, they have also had great importance in terms of raising citizen awareness. This is because his work was shared with society, he knew how to value his effort, dedication, and professionalism, and he saw reflected in it a task that should begin to be carried out by all citizens individually.

We began to understand the extent to which cleanliness was important in our environment and the scope that an infected place could have. We soon found ourselves involved in a hygiene and safety routine that ranged from keeping safe distances between others, putting on the mask over the mouth and nose, being more aware of the importance of washing hands with soap and water or disinfectant gel, and cleaning our closest space.

We have become more aware of hygiene and cleanliness and have learned to value a space free of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful agents.

In short, cleaning and maintenance services have had an undeniable impact on controlling the pandemic during this year and the time ahead. They have taught society the importance of proper cleaning to guarantee optimal levels of health.

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