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The virus appeared overnight in our lives to stay. Accustomed to living our day to day without more concern than average regarding cleanliness, and considering that characteristic physical closeness that we have with others to show our affection, the arrival of the coronavirus did not leave anyone indifferent. For this reason, it is interesting to know how cleaning has been during the pandemic and how our vision and habits regarding hygiene have changed.

Personal hygiene and our environment are essential if we have learned anything as a society during this last year due to the pandemic. Rare was the one who took a disinfectant gel out of his bag for some occasion, and yet now the strange thing is that someone does not carry it with him!

This concern, which at first might seem a bit extreme but more than necessary, did not only affect us personally but also moved to the spaces around us, from our homes to outdoor areas or offices.

Given the great uncertainty and initial lack of knowledge regarding the transmission of the virus, the world preferred to prevent than cure and pay more attention than usual to clean and disinfect everything within its reach. And this is where the critical role of cleaning services comes in, who have developed an urgent professional task to control the spread of the virus.


These cleaning and maintenance companies have been at the foot of the canyon since the beginning of the pandemic, working in homes, offices, communities, and other institutions, such as schools or institutes throughout the country, to guarantee the normal and safe development of their activities.

They have great professionals willing to guarantee adequate cleaning and health results, using effective cleaning and disinfection methods (thermal and chemical) to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi from any surface. In addition, they use nebulizers to access everywhere without complications, and smoke, a state-of-the-art installation that helps protect the space and keep it disinfected.

Implementing these cleaning methods guarantees a strong barrier against possible sources of infection, which, together with the restriction measures announced for the whole of society, have indeed prevented the further spread of COVID-19.

However, it must be borne in mind that although these cleaning tasks are practical, they must be carried out regularly to prolong their effeto prolong their effect pandemic had to be more rigorous than ever.

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