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Coronavirus: How to clean and disinfect your home to avoid contagion

Coronavirus: How to clean and disinfect your home to avoid contagion

Do you know how to disinfect your house and avoid infections? Many of us care more than ever about the cleanliness and health of our loved ones in the times of Covid-19. The new coronavirus can last up to 72 hours on some surfaces, such as rigid plastic, steel, or cardboard, lasting up to 16, 13, and 9 hours, respectively. Although the coronavirus “is not everywhere,” we teach you the essentials to clean and disinfect your home after purchase.

Disinfect food when it arrives from the supermarket during the coronavirus

The current Covid-19 virus can resist on some surfaces, such as steel or plastic, although not all supermarket products are contaminated. But since prevention is better, we give you some tricks to disinfect your house from contagion.

It is not necessary (although it is recommended to prevent infections) to disinfect the different types of food and products when they arrive at the supermarket.

Products wrapped in plastic (trays, sweets, etc.): wash the packaging well with soap and water.
Fruits and vegetables: Commonly, these foods can be bought without any packaging and therefore are more exposed to infections; even so, it is recommended to wash them only with hot water since the soap cannot be ingested be traces of foam.
Products packaged in cardboard (milk, juices, etc.): just like plastic products, we can wipe these products with a cloth with water and bleach to disinfect them.

And remember, when you finish cleaning and disinfecting your purchase and placing all the products, wash your hands with soap and water. To avoid contagion, the essential thing in supermarkets or any other establishment is to spend as little time as possible and always keep a safe distance.

Disinfect sheets, shoes, furniture, or glass

As for the duration of the virus on other surfaces, such as clothing or sheets, it can be stated that it is unlikely. However, it is indeed unknown if it persists completely inactive. Therefore, to thoroughly disinfect your home, it is advisable to open the windows and ventilate every day so that our homes renew the air and we do not incubate the virus.

Sheets and blankets: washing and disinfecting the objects we have daily contact with is essential for our health, not only about Covid-19. To disinfect our bedding, we must wash it every week with hot water (60º is enough) and soap.
Shoes: this is another of the surfaces that most concern us since they are the first and last thing that comes into contact with the street. We don’t need to leave our shoes outside the house. When we arrive, we can pass a damp cloth with bleach and water to prevent it, but the most important thing is to wash our hands and face.
Wood and steel furniture: to disinfect our table, we can do it with our usual cleaner, adding a splash of bleach (check beforehand that the mixture is not incompatible).
Glass (windows or mirrors): windows are in constant contact with the outside of our homes, but it is not dangerous since the virus is transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces. Clean your crystals as you usually do.

How to disinfect our mobile or computer?

It is important to disinfect your home and to clean the objects we use daily more frequently.

If we leave home, our mobile phone accompanies us wherever we go, so it is very likely that we will leave it on some contaminated surface and then take it to our faces. We must clean it daily with cotton or kitchen paper (something to use and throw away) with a hydroalcoholic solution to prevent it.
Although our computer does not go out with us like our smartphones, whether we telework or not, these days we spend more time with our electronic devices, so it is also recommended to clean it before and after using it with the same technique as our mobiles.

And remember, the most important thing is that we wash our hands and face every time we go out, in addition to following the recommendations established by the Government.

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