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Dos Bocas will require the builders and the guild signs up

Dos Bocas will require the builders and the guild signs up

The journalist Miriam Posada in obraweb.MX mentions that the Federal project of Dos Bocas in Tabasco will require the builders and the union signs.

MEXICO CITY. Although Pemex and the Mexican Petroleum Institute will do the engineering design for the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco, the project will undoubtedly need the builders who will be in charge of the works and services, says Eduardo Ramírez Leal, President of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), for this, he added, the executive project must be made known.

On May 9, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the invitation to tender to carry out the project was declared void because the companies exceeded the amount and time. Details of the process have not been publicly disclosed.

The President said Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and the Secretary of Energy (Sener) would be responsible for building the refinery. He added that there would be no foreign companies in the project but that it would have a national seal and called on Mexican specialists to participate in the work.

In this regard, Ramírez Leal mentions in an interview with Obras that his sector sees an opportunity in the announcement by López Obrador but warned that business people in the industry could not commit costs and times until the federal government announces the executive project.

What is known so far is that Pemex is developing the engineering, which is what it knows how to do very well, says the construction leader. “When the engineering is ready, the call we make to the president is that they let us participate,” he adds.

Architects call for public works in Querétaro.

Laura Banda Campos of the Diario de Querétaro comments that a week after the end of the year’s fourth month, public works are still not opened because federal resources have not reached Querétaro, explained the President of the College of Architects, Miguel Medina Lanuza.

“We are exactly the same, there has been no reactivation, the reality is that the work we have as architects is more in the private initiative because federal resources for works there have been no or very little resources that have arrived and we are too many builders in the which practically has not touched us at all.”

With this absence or little flow of resources, the activity of the construction sector continues to decline and employment opportunities.

He indicated that there is insecurity to invest derived from the poor quality of the economic policies that the President of the Republic has and have made it impossible for the economy to be reactivated and, in this case, construction, which is one of the pillars that stop at when there is some instability.

The President of the College pointed out that the cuts that have been made in budgets have been in different areas, but the problem, he pointed out, is the uncertainty generated by the lack of clarity of federal policies; “Knowing how they are going to be applied or when the resource is going to arrive is what has given investors uncertainty and that is where investment is being stopped a lot.”

This uncertainty also affects, he said, private work; since there is no certainty in the new government’s policies, the investors do not carry out the works initially contemplated.

Faced with this problem, he informed me that the professional is working with his economic resources because there is no end investment, which is the way to continue working.

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