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Experts share their living room decor ideas

Experts share their living room decor ideas

The living room is the space, where most of the people spend a huge amount of time. Thus, it’s essential to make this room look good, feel comfortable, and be practical. Luckily, we have some design experts’ advice to help you make the living room an amazing space.

Walls and floors

If you want your living room to be a comfortable and stylish space at the same time, try to pick something personal, even if it’s a small detail. You don’t have to go fully stylish and in line with current trends: if you are dreaming about green curtains, but you know for sure they are not the hottest topic of this season – just get it.

The living room is meant to be yours, comfortable and aesthetic for you. Even if it’s just a small detail – allow the space to feel good for you.

The best sofa for your room

The sofa is by far one of the most important elements of your living room. After all, it’s supposed to be the space, in which you and your beloved ones chat, watch movies, share stories or just have a laugh. Thus, it should not only look good but also – or most importantly – feel comfortable.

Luckily, many modern sofas, which offer great looks, also hold a lot of comfort and functionality. While you should definitely check them out in person, we are sure, that you won’t have to pick between good looks and your comfort.

Where to store things?

It doesn’t really matter, whether you’re furnishing a small or huge living room, there is one thing you can be sure of: there are plenty of things that can be done in order to make the space look its part.

First of all, get some shelves. Whether you will keep books or holiday souvenirs on it – we’re sure, that they will make the living room look more comfortable and at home.

If you need to store some bigger things, you might also want to buy a small wardrobe, where you can keep all your belongings. A small coffee table is also a good choice – it will allow you and your close ones to drink tea or coffee comfortably. The living room is small? Get a table with a small storing space, where you can keep tissues, books, magazines, or… a packet of cookies for special occasions.

Light is important

When planning the lighting, you might want to really think about the functionality of the room. As our experts claim, wrongly placed lights are one of the biggest mistakes made by people in their living rooms. Try to put lamps close to the places where good lighting is essential (i.e. where you read, work, eat). This way – you will stay comfortable and avoid any headache or eye pain, not to mention you will just love to spend time in your comfortable, well-designed living room.

We hope, that now you have at least a couple of ideas on how to make your living room an amazing space to stay in. Better get started on the furnishing and alterations!

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