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forty years building country

forty years building country

In Ancient Greece, houses represented more than a building; they symbolized the family, economic support, farming and livestock activities, and even the relationship with nature. They were considered the basic unit of society since community life took place around them. The Greeks called this construction and its social implications:

Aware of the meaning and connotation of the name, a group of former Jesuits and philosophy scholars created 1979 a company dedicated to the real estate and real estate sector called. Although the business group did not have abundant experience then, it had a group of entrepreneurs determined to build a future, including its prominent leader and businessman Gabriel Díaz Ardila, who began to work to offer housing opportunities to Colombian families.

Throughout its history, it has had numerous investors and partners, always led by a board of directors of people from different disciplines. Since its inception, the structuring of a board of directors in which founders, construction experts, engineers, financiers, and professionals from other areas, such as doctors, psychologists, and philosophers, could offer new perspectives, ideas, and value propositions, participated, For project development. The creation of lines of business and the planning of strategies so that people with limited economic resources could acquire a home are the result of the dialogues and decisions of the board of directors that, to this day, continue to be of particular importance for the business group.

Before achieving the current growth and recognition, it was born like all small companies; it did not have corporate facilities; the office worked intermittently between the house of Gabriel Díaz, appointed general manager, and the construction site of his first construction project I, a multi-family housing building in the city of Bogotá, located on Avenida Boyacá No. 52-9, completed in 1981.

I was the prelude to more than 5,000,000 square meters built in residential complexes, low-income housing, commercial establishments, industrial parks, and business buildings, which have contributed to the urban development of Colombia over the last four decades. The first building was followed by the multi-family projects II, III, IV, V, and 8, one of them of Social Interest. Based on these constructions, the business group later ventured into office and retail projects, expanding its services to other audiences.

Over time, Gabriel Díaz consolidated himself as the visible face. As described by his collaborators, he is a creative, visionary, humane, enterprising, ethical, and constant worker. His vision and innovations made it possible for the company to quickly strengthen and grow with lines of business related to the real estate and real estate sector. A determining factor not only to grow in times of construction booms but also a key to facing the country’s financial crises and times of low investment in real estate projects.

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