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Gabriel Diaz President of Asooccident

Gabriel Diaz President of Asooccident

The civil engineer, Gabriel Díaz, has been chosen as the new President of the Association of Industrialists and Residents of the West of the Sabana (Asooccidente); The appointment is due to his career with the OIKOS Business Group, consolidated as a stable entity and an example for construction companies in the country.

Díaz also has experience acquired in boards of directors and union positions also in the construction sector; this time, Asooccidente brings together companies that operate in Bogotá or the savannah, such as Cajicá, Tenjo, Zipaquirá, Tocancipá, Gachancipá, among others.

It is precisely in this sector where industrial development is booming; it is also the area where construction projects for warehouses, offices, and buildings come together, providing job opportunities and economic growth, more so now with the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

The challenge that Gabriel Díaz assumes is to unify the work between the public and private sectors so that projects under construction of both roads and business centers in Cundinamarca can be consolidated and spread throughout the country.

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