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Get to Know The Different Types and Function of hoses

Get to Know The Different Types and Function of hoses

Get to Know The Different Types and Function of hoses. For those of you who are often gardening, certainly no stranger to Soaker hoses.
In addition to supporting gardening activities, Soaker hoses can also be used to distribute water to the storage containers in your residence.
Soaker hoses reviews about the type of water hose you can choose and the function of each hose type.
Various activities in the yard of the house would require a hose as an intermediary between the source of water with a place of water to be used or accommodated.

Get to Know The Different Types and Function of hoses
Soaker Hoses

Get to Know The Different Types and Function of hoses

For those of you who are looking for a hose, do not choose based on size.
On the market, there are many types of Soaker hoses that have specific functions to be adjusted according to your needs.
Transparent Soaker Hose

This Soaker hoses has a transparent appearance and is usually used to distribute clean water because you can easily see the flow of water.
Made using PVC material, this hose has properties that are elastic enough so that it can be adjusted to the diameter of the tap and can be stored by rolling.

On the market, transparent Soaker hoses are sold in lengths per meter that you can adjust as needed.
For diameter, this hose is available starting from 3 mm for irrigation purposes in aquariums up to 5/16 inches.

Color Plastic Soaker hoses

In addition to the hose with a transparent appearance, there is also a colored hose.
Generally, the colored Soaker hoses is made with rubber and PVC material so that it is more durable and has high elasticity.
In addition to the watering system, this hose is also often used for wrapping cables and handicrafts with diameters ranging from 5/8 to 1 inch.
Meanwhile, variations in thickness and elasticity are very diverse so you can adjust them according to your needs.

Spiral Water Hose

Spiral Soaker hoses has a special function to discharge high-pressure water. Made from a combination of soft and hard PVC material.
This hose also has a semi-transparent color to make it easier for you to see the movement of water.
And has a smooth inner wall so that water can continue to flow smoothly.
On the market, this hose is available in diameters ranging from 1 to 8 inches.

Hot Soaker Hose

Do not forget, there is a special hot water hose that you can use to channel water from a water heater or water heater to a shower or bathtub.
Hot Soaker hose made with cross-linked polyethylene or PEX material which is claimed to be very elastic.
Resistant to high pressure, does not cause rust and is resistant until the water temperature reaches 200 degrees.
Generally, these hoses are sold in the market in red or orange and are available in diameters of half an inch.


For those of you who love gardening, the soaker hoses is not only an accessory but has become one of the home essentials.
Therefore, make careful consideration before you decide to buy this one tool.
Especially when viewed in terms of function, basically the soaker hoses can be used for many needs.
Not only for gardening but also for washing cars or cleaning the front porch of the house.

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