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How to clean a pool easily?

How to clean a pool easily?

Do you want to clean a pool to enjoy clean, bacteria-free water? Take note! Summer has finally arrived, and we can now enjoy the best of it: water; if we are lucky enough to have our pool at home or somewhere where we can enjoy it, much better! At first, having a collection seems like all the advantages, but it also has a lot of work to do, such as maintenance. To maintain a swimming pool, you must dedicate time to it and thus enjoy the water in the best conditions.

How to clean the bottom of a pool?

Nothing is more unpleasant than getting into the water and noticing with your feet that the bottom of the pool is dirty. Without a doubt, cleaning the bottom of the collection is essential, whether manually or automatically. This cleaning is usually done when we see the pool dirty, but cleaning the base at least once a week is recommended.

In this way, we will avoid, in addition to having a dirty pool, the formation of microorganisms that can infect the water and, therefore, problems that may arise from its contamination.

Steps to clean the bottom of a pool.

To clean the bottom of your pool correctly, we leave you a compilation of everything you need and the steps you will have to follow to leave the bottom of your pool impeccable.

What do I need to clean the bottom of my pool?

Before we start, we need to know what we need to clean a pool correctly. In addition, we will have to prepare the collection for cleaning.

First, we will have to disconnect the electrical current from the pool and close the bottom intake valve and the skimmer valve, leaving only the suction or sweeper valve open. Finally, remember that the selector valve must be the only one that is open and must be placed in filtration mode.

I want to clean the bottom of the pool without emptying it; where do I start?

It’s time to use the pool cleaner! You will have to connect the hose to the socket that incorporates it at the end. Fill the stocking with water, preventing it from taking in the air; put the cleaner in the water and connect it to the suction socket of your pool. If it is an automatic pool cleaner, it will start cleaning the bottom of your pool, and you will only have to wait for it to finish, but if it is a manual pool cleaner, you will have to take care of moving it until you can clean a pool.

How to clean the bottom of the pool: best tips and tricks.

Cleaning a pool can be somewhat complicated if you have never done it before since different problems may arise, such as water not coming out of the impellers or a small amount coming out. In this case, check the filter as it may be saturated, and you will have to clean it before cleaning the bottom of your pool.

When you have finished cleaning the bottom of the pool, we recommend that you carry out this type of filter cleaning periodically; this will prevent it from happening again in the future and end up damaging your pool pump. You can also take the opportunity to check the status of the skimmer filters and clean them by removing all the accumulated dirt, increasing their efficiency and future problems.

How to clean a removable pool?

If you do not have a built-in pool but have space, the most recommended one may be a removable pool. These types of removable reservoirs are efficient since you can prepare them only for the summer season and enjoy this space in winter in another way.

But… is cleaning a removable pool the same as cleaning a built-in pool? The fact that it is removable does not mean that it does not need maintenance. Therefore, you must know the best tricks to clean a removable pool and prevent it from getting excessively dirty.

How to clean a removable pool and carry out its maintenance?

The first trick: have a good filter with an efficient filtering system. This way, you will avoid having to carry out cleanings frequently.

Clean the detachable pool with a net.

Cleaning the removable pool with a net is something ubiquitous. With this net, we can remove leaves, insects, or other things that may have fallen into the water. Some types of removable pools even use bottom vacuum cleaners to clean the dirt from them.

How can I clean a green pool?

If you have not used the pool regularly, it is expected that the water will be green when you want to use it again; this color that the water acquires is provided when the algae take over your pool. If you want to clean a green pool, keep reading, and we will explain what treatments we have to carry out to solve this type of problem and prevent algae from coming out throughout the year.

Clean the green pool without emptying the reservoir.

The water in my pool is green but… where does the problem come from? To find out, we will have to use a chemical analysis kit to check the chlorine and PH levels of the water. If the chlorine level is below 1ppm, green pool water may be due to algae growth. To avoid this, we will have to carry out correct maintenance throughout the year, also keeping the filters clean. If we cannot carry out this maintenance, we will have to treat the water to solve it and clean the pool.

Preparation for cleaning a green pool

The first step will be to raise the PH level. Ideally, it should be between 7.2 and 7.6 to treat the water better. To increase this PH level, add sodium carbonate or sodium bisulfate if you want to lower it. Also, if you turn on the pool motor, you will get these products to spread equally throughout the pool.

The second step is cleaning the pool filter and ensuring it works. To remove the algae, you will have to put it to work for 24 hours so that it filters all of them; for this reason, it is essential to check its condition and wash it.

The last step before the water treatment will be to rub the pool walls, thus removing the algae clinging to them. If your pool is vinyl, be careful! Don’t use wire, as it could damage the walls.

What treatment does the cleaning of a green pool need?

To remove that green color in our pool water, we will need a shock treatment with a high percentage of chlorine, making the algae disappear quickly. Choosing a shock treatment with 70% chlorine is advisable, following the most optimal instructions for use. In some cases, if the pool is filthy and has a lot of algae, you may need to treat it more than once.

If the chlorine level is below 5.0, you should apply an algaecide for 24 hours. Once finished, clean your filter frequently to remove dead algae.

Finally, clean the bottom of your pool with a bottom vacuum to finish removing dead algae and measure your pool’s chemical levels to ensure that the water is healthy and you can bathe in it. If you notice that the algae can come out again, repeat the process to eliminate them, and do not forget to maintain the pool for correct disinfection, so they do not appear again.

Disinfect the pool water correctly.

One of the essential points is the disinfection of pool water. Keeping the water disinfected is vital to avoid diseases caused by bacteria or fungi; for this reason, at Serviman Cleaning Granada, we will tell you everything so that the summer does not cloud your mind.

What products do I need to disinfect a pool?

For the disinfection of your pool water, chlorine will be your best ally since it directly disinfects it. And remember that when pouring it in, it is essential to avoid contact with the pool’s walls so as not to damage them. Other products such as salt or active oxygen are also used to disinfect a pool, which is very popular for eliminating organic remains from the water in an ecological way.

Remember to measure PH levels at least once a week. The results must be between 7.2 and 7.6 to prevent the water from damaging the skin or eyes and even discoloring swimsuits.

Products for cleaning the pool.

It is essential to carry out the disinfection, but also that the water has a pleasant appearance to enjoy the pool when we most feel like it. To do this, it is advisable to use certain products such as algaecide that will help us keep the water clean and prevent the appearance of algae.

Another essential product for the maintenance of our pool is the pool flocculant. This product helps to solve the problems when the water becomes cloudy, causing the particles to become more voluminous and can be removed by the filter.

It is also essential to know that if the pool is filled with water throughout the year, it is advisable to cover it with a pool cover when the summer season is over, preventing it from getting too dirty and allowing it to be used next year without carrying out a thorough cleaning when start summer again.

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