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How to clean car upholstery and keep it looking new

How to clean car upholstery and keep it looking new

Although cleaning car upholstery is a reasonably simple task, it is not something we carry out frequently. However, different tricks will make cleaning specific stains and dirt easier, leaving your car’s interior impeccable and without damage.

The interior of our car is made up of different pieces and parts, among them the upholstery of the seats, the floor, and the trunk, which are cleaned in the same way. A good cleaning of these places will keep our car clean and with a pleasant smell.

Here you will learn how to clean car upholstery most effectively and leave it as good as new.

First of all, before going deeper into certain stains, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all the upholstery of the vehicle, which often gets dirty from the simple use of the car. Opening and closing doors, sitting down, etc., cause dust to enter.

General cleaning is less accessible, and we should do it frequently, especially if we usually frequent areas of the countryside or with a lot of pollution. To do this, we will first use a vacuum cleaner, which will allow us to remove any remains from the most superficial area of ​​the upholstery. Once the seats are vacuumed, we will continue with the floor, for which we must previously remove the mats, shaking them out of the car and thus eliminating more traces of dirt.

For the vacuuming action to be more effective, it is essential to carry it out from the inside to the outside, both on the seats and the floor.

Once we have finished, the next step will be to go through the entire fabric with a sponge soaked in soap and water. We will also do this from the inside out and exert force while being careful not to damage it.

After this, it is recommended to use dry foam as a stain remover only when there are remaining stains. Although it is applied similarly, it is necessary to focus on those parts where the colors are found, letting them dry later and removing the foam with a dry cloth.

For perfect general cleaning, a wet vacuum can be used last to obtain a flawless result, and finish this action with a dust cloth.

It is essential to know that if the upholstery we are cleaning is leather, a specific nourishing cream should be used from time to time. This is more essential when our car is directly exposed to the sun.
Make car upholstery look like new.

General cleaning is necessary and will allow us to keep our car clean. However, if there are certain gears, it is required to use unique products, which will provide a deeper cleaning and make it look new.

When the vehicle frequents rural areas or bad weather, it is easy for traces of mud to remain in our car, for which it will be inevitable to use a brush. This dry cleaning tool will remove the thickest dirt; later, we will use another moistened one for the rest of the stains.

We will use cold water and window cleaners for coffee or tea stains common inside our vehicles.

If there are minor children, gum, grease, or oil stains are widespread. For the first case, we will use ice, and once the gum is hardened, we will remove it with a spatula. On the other hand, when the stains are grease and oil, we will need to make a mixture of water and degreaser, which we will apply to the area with a damp sponge or cloth. If the stain is intense, we will use diluted glycerin.

We also have specific chocolate, vomit, ink, makeup, or blood stain solutions. In the first case, we will use a damp cloth and liquid soap or dry soap, rubbing the area and letting it dry.

Second, even though only soap and water are necessary, we must clean the stain as soon as possible.

In the case of ink, we will mix the same amount of alcohol and water and apply it with little intensity to the stain.

Before makeup stains are usually persistent, we use alcohol with detergent or certain makeup remover liquids.

Finally, if the stain is blood, the necessary mixture will be dry foam and salt water or mild detergent as long as the paint is still wet. Otherwise, we will use glycerin.

Following the appropriate steps, we will ensure that our is clean and like new.

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