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How to clean laminated flooring

How to clean laminated flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most fashionable sin recent years due to its easy installation and extraordinary result.

Its most outstanding quality is to offers an appearance very similar to that of wood. And in addition, it is straightforward to clean, as it is industrially treated, and the laminated flooring resists better wear and tear and dirt. Although we should not confuse it with laminate, both materials have the aesthetic characteristics of wood but not the same qualities. In addition, a laminated floor whose wood has been worn over time is easy to restore, while deteriorated laminate flooring requires a new coating.

To do this, so that you are not left with any doubt, we bring you a series of recommendations to clean the floating floor and obtain a satisfactory result without causing any kind of damage to the pavement.

How and with what to clean the floating floor?

First, to put ourselves in context, the floating floor comprises different layers of wood and plastic derivatives. The fundamental difference is that the platform is not placed directly on the ground but is nailed, screwed, or nailed to the braces. And also, the installation of a floating platform increases the height of the floor by at least 4 centimeters.

If there are no stains on the pavement, the first thing to do is sweep it with a regular brush. And if there is still some dust left, you should move on to a more profound sweep, such as with a vacuum cleaner. Being most advisable to carry out this procedure twice a week.

If there are stains, it is appropriate to clean them instantly, that is, at the same time that the pavement gets dirty. This recommendation is based on the fact that if the stain remains on the laminated flooring for too long, it can expand and penetrate the surface materials. So it is best to clean it with a damp cloth before it becomes embedded in the material.

Finally, something significant to keep in mind is that the depth of these floors is minimal, and consequently, they should never be waxed or polished. In the same way, neither chemical nor abrasive products should be used for cleaning.

How to polish the floating floor?

Laminate flooring, like all flooring, deteriorates over time, losing its natural shine. But this is not a problem that cannot be solved.

After cleaning the floor with the brush, you can go over it with a mop and clean water without any detergent or harmful product, as mentioned above. But, to get that shine back, you need a few extra components.

A usefhelpful practical piece of advice is to pass the mop again. But this time, with a star ingredient, white vinegar. White vinegar offers a positive effect; it neutralizes the detergent and makes the floor resplendent. And even to that vinegar, you could add a little dishwashing liquid to intensify its further impact and achieve the original appearance and shine.

At this point, as you have already seen, the laminated flooring has a straightforward cleaning process, so we hope we have helped you!

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