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How to clean schools correctly in 7 steps

How to clean schools correctly in 7 steps

Knowing how to clean schools correctly is a difficult task, especially if we do not know the key aspects of doing it. Nowadays, with the situation, we are experiencing, it is essential to do it for children’s health and teaching staff. Therefore, in this post, we explain briefly and how to do it.


Open all the windows and doors of the enclosure to ventilate all the possible areas that will be cleaned. It is also essential to open the blinds to let in sunlight; this can also help disinfect the air.


Get rid of all the garbage and elements that can prevent cleaning. For example, empty all the rubbish bins, remove any gum or embedded residue that may be there, as well as clean the drawings that may be on the walls and tables.


Before starting cleaning with products, first, you have to dust all the surfaces and then sweep the floor, although if we can access a vacuum cleaner, it will be better, since that way we do not raise the dust again. Put particular emphasis on the outlets of the ventilation ducts, in the closets, and places that tend to accumulate more dust.

Key elements

Now we are going to start using cleaning products. The first thing is to clean the small elements used repeatedly and by many people daily, such as knobs, handles, etc. You have to try to clean them as accurately as possible as they are pretty complex elements to clean due to their structure.

key places

As well as emptying all the garbage, especially the organic ones, we must also ensure that there is no danger of foul odors or the creation of bacteria in the places where there is usually food. To do this, clean the elements that can be a source of bad smells, for example, a vending machines, coffee machines, refrigerators, etc.

windows and glass

Clean both windows and glass well, as they tend to accumulate dirt, fingerprints, etc., so it is essential to allow the correct entry of light, improving the place’s hygiene.

risk areas

Do not forget the places that pose more risk of infection, such as bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, etc. Above all, showers and surfaces that are in contact with children should be adequately cleaned to prevent the proliferation of fungi and germs since this could negatively affect the health of students.

In all steps, we must not only clean but also properly disinfect each area to eliminate all germs and possible infection risks.

The products to be used should be those that do not produce allergic reactions or are toxic to children. Using products that make the floor more slippery or some insect traps is also not recommended since children could eat them.

One last area that we must not forget is the area of ​​the school playgrounds. Many children also pass here every day, so it must be maintained as well as possible. You have to use a hose and wash the entire patio with water mixed with the cleaning product that is suitable for that material. In the same way, we have done with the classes and other areas, empty all the rubbish bins and collect all the waste that may have been left around. It is also essential to give proper maintenance to the plants on the patio; they must be pruned, watered, and treated appropriately so they do not attract pests or the like.

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