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How to keep the house clean if we have pets

How to keep the house clean if we have pets

Keeping the house clean if we have pets is quite a challenge. Among the hairs, smells, needs, and others can turn an incredible experience into an ordeal. The poor animal is not to blame; it is his nature. However, we cannot live that way.

But don’t worry, the house can be kept clean and sanitized; you must arm yourself with patience and know what points are essential. Keep reading:

Take care of the basics:

First, you must have your pet well cared for, following the hygiene recommendations according to the breed and type of pet. You must clean the house regularly, emphasizing critical parts such as carpets, floors, beds, pet houses, etc.

Neutralizes odors:

Light aromatic candles, incense, or air fresheners are not the best for your health. There is also the option of acquiring various products to help you with the smells our little friends give off. For example, specialized candles counteract the odor of animals; you can light them once a day. Take advantage of this moment to relax in the company of your pet, enjoying the fragrance provided by the candle.

Ventilate the house as much as possible:

Ventilation is essential, especially if there are pets. Renewing the air we have in our property daily will allow us not only to improve its quality but it is also convenient to keep certain mites, bacteria, and, of course, di odors away. It will be enough to open the windows for a little while every day to notice the fresher house and eliminate those unwanted elements we mentioned earlier.

Find the right products:

There will be times when you will have a clean house and your pet too, but even so, there is always the possibility that remains and traces of hair remain; that is why our advice is to get products specially designed for them; it will make things much easier for you being more effective for the objective you need to accomplish, which will help you save time and effort in those moments when you need to have a clean house without having time for it.

In short, create a cleaning plan keeping these elements in mind, and adapt it, of course, to your life so that you can keep it over time and have everything organized so that everything flows easily without suffering so many headaches; an example of the plan could be:

  • Vacuum once a week, emphasizing the places your pet usually frequents, also on carpets or rugs; otherwise, try shaking them first and then vacuum.
  • Brush your pet’s hair and teeth once a week to remove dead fur and skin, as well as their teeth.
  • Shake sheets, beds, sofas, etc….… to .remove the remains of hair that may be released.
  • Ventilate the house by opening the windows and blinds for 5 or 10 minutes daily. If it is a sunny day, you can lay out the sheets and bedspread,s, so they are disinfected, and if the pet sleeps in a bed, put it in the sun for a little while.
  • Maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene of both the house and the pet.
  • Finally, get the products that you need and that work best for you to keep the house clean; they will make this task more accessible and bearable.

We assure you that you will notice a new, clean, pleasant, and, of course, warm house with the company of your pet. You can snuggle up with your pet to read or listen to music without any problem.

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