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How to wash the car by hand

How to wash the car by hand

In this post, we will explain in a very detailed way how to wash the car by hand.

Good car maintenance is essential for it to work correctly, and it is one of the factors that most influence the care and cleaning we carry out.

Cleaning a car is its letter of introduction, and if you are one of those who use the vehicle daily, you will know how quickly it gets dirty. To keep the car clean, you have to spend time, but there are many times that we do not have enough, so we resort to self-washing techniques, which in the long run can cause problems for our car.

One of the keys to proper paint conservation is a car wash by hand, followed by appropriate drying.

It is essential to wash the car with a neutral soap that does not deteriorate the paint, waxes, plastics, or rubbers… and for drying, it is very convenient to use highly absorbent micro-fiber towels to avoid residues that others can leave. Products such as paper rolls.

Generally, it is possible to carry out a complete hand wash in about an hour; here is a list of the basic materials we will need to wash the car by hand.

Materials to wash the car by hand

  • We will put two large buckets with water and soap and the other only with water.
  • A pressure water gun or a hose.
  • A glove, there are lamb’s wool and microfiber. It would help if you did not use a sponge because it can cause unnecessary scratches.
  • Specific concentrated neutral soap for bodywork.
  • Neutral, acid-free rim cleaner along with brushes to clean them
  • Micro-fiber towel for drying.

We can begin the cleaning process when we have gathered all the materials.

7 Steps to follow to wash the car by hand

  1. Use the pressure hose throughout the car. In this way, we will eliminate the most visible traces of dirt and also be able to cool the bodywork and rims.
  2. Spray an anti-mosquito on the car that we will let act for about 3-4 minutes; this step is beneficial during the hot months since that is when more mosquitoes adhere to the bodywork of our vehicle.
  3. Spread the cleaner over the rims, and be careful: the edges must be cold so that the product adheres well and does not evaporate and end up drying. Once the cleaner has been sprayed on the edges, the next step will be to rub with the rim brushes.
  4. The next step will be to get the car through the bodywork to remove the remains of the anti-mosquito and tire cleaner.
  5. We will take the two buckets of water, one with clean water and the other with water and soap. We introduce a glove in the bucket loaded with water and soap and will rub the straight lines with each panel of the body; we will use the other bucket only with water to rinse in the glove. We will repeat this process as often as necessary so that the car is wholly soaped. We recommend you start washing the car in the upper half and finish in the lower half.
  6. Rinse it with pressurized water, following the same order as soaping, starting at the top and going down.
  7. And finally, the last step is drying, for which we recommend two techniques: the first is drag drying, in which micro-fiber towels are usually used. These towels absorb water. The towel is spread over the area to be dried, and one end is pulled to remove the water. The second technique is drying by posing, in which large and fluffy towels are used. The towel is placed on the surface to be dried and palpated to absorb the water. Once it rises, the area is dry.

Is it necessary to apply wax after hand washing?

Many of us doubt whether applying this product is essential; the experts point out that it is advisable if we are looking for a perfect finish. Especially in the front, roof, and rear doors, since they are the parts that suffer the most from the weather, insects, and bird droppings. The wax will help us protect our car from all these factors once the vehicle has been washed and dried.

Can you wash the car in the street?

Suppose you are thinking of washing your car in a public space. In that case, it is possible that the local police could sanction you for breaking any regulations, so, conveniently, you inform yourself beforehand since not all municipalities apply the same principles.

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