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Querétaro, second favorite state for real estate investment

Querétaro, second favorite state for real estate investment

Querétaro is the second preferred state to invest in the real estate sector, only below Mexico City, according to a survey carried out by M2Crowd.

Within the ‘top’ are also the entities of Guanajuato and San Luis Potosí, in ninth and eleventh place, respectively.

The crowdfunding company stated that, of the characteristics to invest in real estate, 44 percent of those surveyed chose profitability, 21 percent security and low investment risk, 21 percent more profits when buying in pre-sale, and 14 cents than a tangible good.

While among the least attractive factors to invest in the sector, 53 percent have the perception that a lot of money is needed to start, 19 percent consider that it is a lot of paperwork, 17 percent think that it is difficult to manage and 11 percent of respondents believe it risky.

“Precisely what is attractive about investing in real estate is that they are assets that historically increase in value over time and that, being tangible assets, you can get to know them, and even request a guided tour in our projects,” said Simón Dalgleish, CEO of M2Crowd.

Regarding the aspects that give more excellent value to investments, 52 percent choose a mixture of internal and external factors of the property, 29 percent external facilities such as location, security, and proximity to main avenues and services, 13 percent take taking into account the developer company in charge of its construction and only 5 percent the internal comforts and services offered by the property.

According to the survey, 51 percent of respondents take capital gains into account, followed by 31 percent of those looking for short-term profits and 18 percent of the purchase price.

Regarding the preferences of more than 600 M2Crowd users who participated, 48 percent would like to invest in apartments, 27 percent in commercial real estate, 18 percent in residences, and 6 percent in offices.

The production value in construction companies increased by 0.2%

The production value increased by 0.2% compared to the previous month; there were advances of 2.4% in two types of works of the construction companies

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) registered a 0.2% increase in the value of production generated by construction companies due to the National Survey of Construction Companies (ENEC).

The types of works that stood out were oil and petrochemicals, with 2.4%, as well as water, irrigation, and sanitation, with the same percentage, while electricity and communications decreased to 1.7%, according to the Inegi.

On the other hand, the total number of employed personnel decreased by 0.4%, the hours worked reduced by 3.8%, and the average actual remuneration decreased by 0.1% monthly during April of this year.

At an annual level, the real value of production decreased by 5.3%, the employed personnel by 4.7%, the hours worked fell by 8.5%, and the remunerations decreased by a 2.4% rate.

Vertical housing grows in Querétaro.

Like entities such as Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Quintana Roo, Querétaro has an oversupply of vertical housing since real estate developers continue constructing these properties.

Querétaro is proliferating; proof of this is that the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) in the state estimates that in the second half of 2019, the construction of vertical-type homes will increase, “especially at the end of the year,” said Ivonne Gutiérrez, president of AMPI.

Like the entities of Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Quintana Roo, Querétaro has an oversupply of vertical housing “since developers continue with the construction of this type of housing,” explained Gutiérrez.

Currently, 97 projects are developed in the metropolitan area of ​​Querétaro, mainly in the areas that comprise Juriquilla and the municipality of Corregidora, as well as in developments such as Mirador, Koloria, and Vista Real.

“Oversupply is not a problem,” “nsidered the president of AMPI, “developers have not stopped selling,”, “e says.

On average, the cost of an apartment ranges between 3 and 4 million pesos, amounts that have led to the generation of various types of loans with preferential interest at rates between 9 and 12 percent “to facilitate the acquisition of these real estate“.

.”t’s a matter of starting to adapt, a reality is that the city is no longer going to give for horizontal developments,” said Gutiérrez.

Inauguration of the Construction Expo 2019

The construction sector contributes between 8% and 9% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product GDP, generating around 6 million direct and formal jobs, informed the president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), Eduardo Leal Ramirez.

Young students invited to Expo Construccion 2019

During the inauguration of the International Baja Construction Expo 2019, he pointed out that three out of four economic activities are related to this sector, in addition to the fact that it impacts 67 different branches of the economy.

For his part, Gabriel Antonio Valenzuela Moreno, president of the CMIC Tijuana, said that the event had become the most crucial construction event in the northwest of the country, where large purchasing companies establish business relationships with regional suppliers.

Our industry is a significant engine in the economy, and it is only through better relationships between suppliers and consumers that we can drive economic growth.

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