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Quick Plumbing Tips to Save You Headaches Down the Road

Quick Plumbing Tips to Save You Headaches Down the Road

Your plumbing is probably the most important aspect of your home. Fresh water being carried in while wastewater gets carried away probably tops on the list of essentials for most homeowners. So it is for that reason we have put together this quick-tips guide that will help you keep your plumbing in good working order.

  1. Only Flush Items Which are Meant to be Flushed
    Most everyone knows not to flush certain items. They know not to flash cloth and paper towels for instance. But there are a handful of other items you should avoid flushing too. This is because they do not degrade easily and can cause serious jams in the system. Some examples of these are q-tips, baby wipes, and facial cleaning pads.
  2. Try to Limit Harsh Chemicals
    Anytime there is a slowdown in our drains we instantly want to buy the liquid plumbing agent. But sometimes, a good snake-ing or natural remedy will work just as well. Try running baking soda down the drain then following up with vinegar. Finally wash it all down with boiling water. You can prolong your plumbing life expectancy but not destroying it with overly harsh chemicals.
  3. Drain Debris Catcher
    simple drain strainerin your shower and kitchen sink can catch much of the debris that will end up causing the headache down the road. In your bathroom, hair is the main culprit. In your kitchen, any non-biodegradable material which makes it down the drain can get snagged and start the process of clogging.

We are a plumber located in Melbourne, Florida. We like sharing free plumbing tips as a general public service. The end goal is to help people avoid the drama which comes along with a broken or damaged plumbing system.


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