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Talented team successful projects

Talented team successful projects

Success in construction projects depends mainly on the workers’ attitude to carrying out their daily tasks, satisfaction with the company, and professional skills. This is recognized by Gabriel Díaz, president of, who attaches vital importance to the relationship with his collaborators since they are the workforce that makes the projects tangible and drives the business group as a leading organization in the real estate sector.

Ties with employees are not limited to payment for service and compliance with a schedule. They are lasting ties that are based on respect for personal rights. The company cares about the satisfaction of its workers, the well-being of their families, their ambitions, and inconveniences to support them in the moments they need. Thus, they get their collaborators to work with enthusiasm, affection, dedication, commitment, and loyalty, which favor the realization of successful projects.

In this order of ideas, dialogue is indispensable for maintaining good relations with the work team.

generational transition

One of the most important events highlighted by Gabriel Díaz since the creation of refers to the moment in which the second generation took over the company’s management around 2005. His children, Luis Aurelio and Claudia, are today the general and commercial managers of the business group, respectively.

Statistics show that approximately 70% of family businesses fail in the transition from generation to generation due to differences between their members or lack of preparation regarding the family business. However, the change was a successful and conflict-free process in this case.

The reason? Claudia and Luis Aurelio Díaz arrived very well prepared to face the management and assume corporate responsibilities, aware of the commitment and effort of their founders. Before taking control, each studied professionally and worked in different companies, broadening their vision and work experience.

By the time they decided to be part of it, Gabriel Díaz was willing to hand over the company to the second generation and accept the decisions and ideas of his successors. He acknowledges that his knowledge and ability to conceptualize the new and decide on its implementation have allowed the business group to grow considerably. In the same way, he has chosen to optimize the processes and control the development of the works using current systems and technologies, which has made it possible to know the daily progress of multiple projects.

Prospects for

Four decades of work have taught the business group the importance of learning from the environment and undertaking innovative projects that stand out for their quality and environmental initiatives and meet the community’s expectations. The directors hope to continue building commercial, industrial, and housing projects consolidated as benchmarks in the future.

On the one hand, Gabriel Díaz hopes all lines of business will be fully developed, strengthened, and capable of withstanding the changes and crises that may exist in the coming years. At the same time, he hopes that the new generation in charge maintains the wisdom to make prudent use of liquidity and its different services and products. In this way, the company will remain stable for more decades.

Its directors today project as a leading company in the real estate sector, with products of innovation and excellence. He does not rule out the possibility of creating new lines of business that transcend the industry and respond to the concerns of their clients, as they did with Real Estate and Storage. Another aspect being promoted now and will continue in the future is the environmental contribution through construction, one of the activities with the highest pollution rate globally.

Now at the head of the second generation, it represents housing and business opportunities for the country’s investors; it is a strong business group that contributes to Colombia’s economic and infrastructure development, offering complete and quality services. After 40 years of experience, its processes in the real estate and real estate sector have been consolidated and promise to remain at the forefront, with the ultimate goal of continuing to BUILD THE FUTURE.

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