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Techniques to clean walls of 3 different materials

Techniques to clean walls of 3 different materials

On many occasions, we clean the rooms of our homes, ignoring an essential part, the walls. The maintenance of the walls is an element that, although it does not need cleaning as frequently as the rest of the areas, is also essential. The problem arises when each room has a different material and, therefore, a specific cleaning. Consequently, we propose various ways to clean the walls of the three most common materials.

painting walls

To begin with, one of the most used materials is paint. Painted walls maintain a process in which the dust must first be removed with a duster, cloth, or even a vacuum cleaner. Also, if we observe any furniture rubbing that has caused marks, a straightforward way to make them disappear would be to use an eraser in the affected area. Therefore, warm water with liquid soap should be applied to the wall after removing the dust and gently rubbed on it. It is advisable to clean the entire wall in one sitting so that no drying stains remain.

Tile and tile walls

Continuing with the second most common material, we find ourselves before the tiles and tiles. Tile or tile walls should be cleaned more frequently to prevent fungi from appearing in their joints since they are usually in humid areas of the house. In this case, we recommend two products for cleaning, bleach, and vinegar. Bleach, a relatively strong chemical cleaning product, will remove all traces of fungus and stains. And the vinegar, typically dissolved in water, will give the tiles that shiny and impeccable touch it requires.

Wooden walls

And finally, the third material, wood. In many houses, it is pretty common to cover the walls with wood, but the problem is that it is the material that attracts the most dust. Sometimes these walls maintain an excess of dust that leads to a lot of wax. Therefore, it is advisable to clean them quite frequently, usually by rubbing the wood in the direction of the grain with steel wool and reduced alcohol.

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