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The 4 best ways to clean a Tupperware easily

The 4 best ways to clean a Tupperware easily

Here you will find the four best ways to clean a Tupperware easily. Take note and make cleaning your home quick and comfortable.

Tupperware containers have become the inseparable companion of students and workers who have to eat away from home, but after eating in them comes the most tedious part, cleaning that leftover food and dirt, stains, and impregnated odors, which in many cases, it becomes an impossible mission if you have eaten something with tomato sauce or curry…

Tupperware cleaning brings us all crazy! Of all the kitchen utensils, the Tupperware is, without a doubt, the most difficult to clean, especially when made entirely of plastic. If we have a dishwasher, we must remember that, in principle, the containers can be washed here. Still, we must look carefully at the manufacturer’s instructions since they can be deformed and become unusable. If we do not have a dishwasher, the task becomes much more complex, and the headaches begin to eliminate these resistant grease stains.

To do this, we bring you four straightforward tricks so that cleaning the container becomes quick and easy, and you can take advantage of your time on other things.

Use baking soda or vinegar to clean the Tupperware

Baking soda and vinegar are one of the oldest natural cleaners; they should never be missing at home! And for the cleaning of the taper less!

You have to add warm water and a tablespoon of white vinegar or baking soda to the container and let it sit for a few hours. Then, you will only have to clean it as you usually would, and it will be as good as new.

Lemon for the Tupperware

Lemon is another powerful natural cleaner, with degreasing powers and foul odor neutralizer, so if you have stains that are difficult to remove, lemon can be your greatest ally.

The lemon has two ways of use; you can cut a lemon in half and rub it on the stains, and you will see how these disappear. Another option is to squeeze lemon juice and let it sit in warm water for a few hours; Then, you will only have to clean it with soap and water, and it will be without stains.

Dishwasher and kitchen paper to remove stains from Tupperware

One of the best-known tricks for cleaning home containers is using water, a dishwasher, and absorbent paper, such as kitchen paper. You have to remove all the food remains, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, a little warm water, and torn kitchen paper. Close the lid and shake it vigorously for half a minute. Now you only have to extract the mixture and rinse it; you will see that it is impeccable!

Use dishwasher, ice, and sugar to clean the Tupperware easily.

We leave the most surprising trick for last. Since, with a few drops of dishwashing liquid, a few ice cubes, and a tablespoon of sugar, your taper will be sparkling. You will only have to mix these ingredients and a little water, leave it to rest for a few minutes, the time to finish cleaning up the kitchen! Afterward, you will only have to remove the mixture, and you will be able to clean it much more accessible, simply with soap and water.

You already know that the sooner you clean the Tupperware, the easier it will be to remove stains and difficult remains, so put these tricks into practice as quickly as possible as they will be much more effective, and you will finish more quickly.

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