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Tips to clean the parquet and leave it like the first day

Tips to clean the parquet and leave it like the first day

If you have come this far, you have found the site to learn how to clean the parquet. You may be thinking of installing a parquet in your home, and you believe its maintenance is complicated, or you don’t know how to maintain it; in this publication, we explain everything you need to take the step.

To keep the parquet like the first day, we will teach you some techniques to take care of your parquet without having to make too much effort.

Clean the parquet

To begin with, you should keep a few things in mind, such as that you should not put pots directly on the ground. This is so because the parquet is very sensitive to moisture, and if it penetrates the floor, it will generate black stains that are difficult to remove.

Therefore, we already know that the biggest enemy of parquet is humidity. If something falls on the floor and we must clean it, we must use specific products that do not contain solid soaps or a lot of water.

What is parquet?

It is a wooden floor that provides warmth and presence to your home. This floor is cheaper than others and is one of the most used.

Is ordinary parquet or glued down better?

The ordinary parquet is made with wooden slats one cm thick and 45 cm long, and to install it, you will need to remove the previous flooring. The ordinary parquet is glued to the floor; you must polish it to level it and varnish it to make it perfect.

On the other hand, glued parquet or floating flooring can be made of wood and imitation wood. It is placed on the existing floor, being more economical and easier to install.

The two types are of the highest quality; what changes is their installation. In addition, the structure depends on the state of the floor of your house and the amount of money you want to invest.

How to clean the parquet regularly?

Now that we know what parquet is and what types there are, we move on to the tips for keeping your parquet clean. If we maintain them well, they can be very durable and resistant.

The first thing you have to do is buy a broom with soft bristles. After sweeping the floor with this broom, wipe or mop with a specific product for parquet.

As we have already said, never use too much water to clean the parquet, as it can cause severe damage.

Using carpet powder is one of the best tricks to clean the parquet and make it shiny. Pour it on the floor and sweep it with the soft bristle broom. Surely you will notice the change and your house will have a delightful aroma.

Solutions for joint damage to parquet


Scratches on parquet are very common; the good news is that they are not difficult to treat.

A homemade mixture comprises a quarter cup of vinegar and three-quarters of oil. With a cloth and this mixture, slide it over the parquet and let it dry. When it is dry, you will see that it has been solved.

In the case of a deep scratch, you would have to call the specialists, who will proceed to polish and varnish it so that it looks new.


If the sun hits the parquet very directly, discolored areas may appear. To restore its original color, you have to wipe it with a wax cloth in the color of the floor or with a neutral tone.

Products and materials to clean the parquet

You should not use strong products such as soap, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide to clean the parquet. Wire sponges are also not recommended, as they can scratch the floor.

To clean any stain, you can use a specialized product for parquet or even olive oil or wax.

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