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Tricks that the British used to store wine

Tricks that the British used to store wine

Many years ago, people did not need to store wine because it was produced for immediate consumption. However, over the years, people began to store wine in weird and wonderful places: underground bunkers, garages, airing cupboards, and even an outside toilet. Nowadays, you have a wide choice of how to store wine. Most people now know that it is preferable to store wine correctly to protect it from the elements to retain its flavour. To preserve and store wine, they use wine racks, 400 mm wine coolers, wine cabinets, a choice from the wine fridge luxe range, wine cellars and off-site storage.

The easiest way to store wine

There are various ways to store wine at home. However, the easiest way to store wine is simply to find the coldest place in your home. The kitchen is not recommended because it would probably be the warmest part of the house, and the warmer temperature will accelerate the ageing process and thus damage the wine. Instead, your bedroom cupboard, or even under your bed (if you have space), would suffice because bedrooms are often the coldest rooms. The secret to storing wine is to keep the temperature as consistent as possible. It is also preferable to be able to lay the bottles on their side, as this will stop the cork from drying out and prevent the wine from leaking out. If you would like a more sophisticated method of storing your wine, various options are available to you.

More sophisticated ways to store wine

It is helpful to know how to store all types of wine correctly. Wine coolers and wine fridges (cabinets) are now the more common methods of storing wine in the average household. However, you can also opt for built-in or free-standing units. Built-in wine coolers are small in scale and are used to save space. So, typically, these units only have single or dual temperature zones. On the other hand, free-standing units can be larger and have more temperature zones.  A dedicated wine room or custom-made wine cellar could also be an option for the more ardent wine collectors.

Wine coolers

If you want to serve your wine at the best temperature, a wine cooler would be good. A wine cooler is reasonably tiny and keeps wines at a specific temperature – between 10 to 14 degrees celsius. Unfortunately, it lacks humidity control settings, and its racking options are limited. However, its key advantages are that it takes up very little space and is reasonably inexpensive. A very reasonable 400 mm wine cooler is the BODEGA43-24 model. This model is a compact, freestanding, dual temperature wine cooler that can store 24 bottles. Its stylish full-glass door comprises three-layer glass with a stainless steel handle.

Wine fridges

Or perhaps you would prefer a wine fridge. The BODEGA4352 built-in wine fridge has two independent temperature zones. It functions as both a free-standing unit and a built-in wine fridge. It has double doors that open with left and proper turning movement. It can store 40 bottles of wine – 20 bottles in each temperature zone – and the UV filter protects your wine from sunlight. It uses the compressor cooling system and allows your wine to rest stably at any temperature between 5 and 20 degrees celsius.

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