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What Features Should A House Have?

What Features Should A House Have?

No matter where you live or how big or tiny your house is, the perfect house should have certain common features that bring you comfort and make you feel at home. It is also a desirable addition that increases the value of your home, making it look more pleasing.
There is no detailed list of how your home should look or what features it should have, as each home stands out in its way. However, if you have the opportunity to remodel or buy a new home, a few features that might help your house look remarkable are:

Single level homes

From its heyday as postwar, low-income housing and the design darling of California’s legendary 1950s architects, the single-level house is regaining prominence. The explanation is simple. Single-story homes are easier to maintain since they do not require a large extension ladder to reach the second story.
Cleaning, painting, and repairs are all easy as everything is within reach. Maintenance duties may be completed swiftly and safely, saving you time and preventing you from visiting the emergency room.
Furthermore, temperatures within a single-story home are easy to control. Temperature differences are minimized without an upstairs and downstairs floor, lowering stress on your HVAC and maintaining your comfort no matter which room you’re in.


Ceilings that are nine feet tall have a magical quality to them, opening up spaces without adding square footage and creating a sense of well-being and comfort that standard 8-foot ceilings lack.
According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), roughly 65 percent of respondents prefer a house with 9-foot ceilings over a similar house with the typical 8-foot ceiling, up 11% from 2004.
If you have them, you’re probably stuck with your 8-foot ceilings, but if you expand on them, you can go with larger ceilings. 9-foot ceilings are a marketable feature, and you should be able to recuperate a significant portion of your investment when you sell your home.

Southern exposure

There are numerous advantages to having southern exposure:
Solar gain occurs when south-facing windows let in the sunshine to free heat in the winter.
Planting trees against those windows will keep your house cooler in the summer.
The winter blues can be instantly chased away by sunlight, a mood enhancer.
Solar panels, which are becoming more common, benefit from southern exposure.
Southern exposure is ideal for houseplants that improve air quality and garden plants.

Outdoor spaces

Being outside is not only fun but also beneficial to one’s health. Research on “living at home” found that spending time outside reduces stress and cortisol levels, a hormone that is associated with tiredness and fogginess.
Outdoor living areas, such as patios and decks, have a high attractiveness factor with homebuyers and cost a fraction of the price to install compared to enclosed, year-round spaces in terms of property value.

Maximized Insulation

Optimizing your insulation reduces energy use and keeps indoor temperatures consistent, which is a significant bonus for comfort. If you fully insulate your attic, you’ll get the best return on investment. You can save up to $600 per year by upgrading an 800-square-foot attic’s insulation from R-11 to R-49, and the cost will be repaid in roughly three years.

Ergonomic touches

More architects and contractors incorporate universal design principles, and you should, too. UD is generally connected with mobility challenges and wheelchair accessibility, but it’s actually a pretty smart, pragmatic design that works for everyone. Consider the following scenario:

Doorways that are 36 to 42 inches wide make life a lot easier.
Using levers instead of doorknobs eliminates the need for unpleasant twisting.
A shower without a curb avoids the risk of trips and falls.
When you’re battling with bags of groceries, rocker switches have a large on/off button that you can flip with your knuckle or even your elbow.

Every house has its quirks and a unique touch that makes it more memorable-nothing better than having a home where you can express the true you. Brick & Bolt offers different packages and satisfies all your ideal dream house needs.

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