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What is a comprehensive cleaning service?

What is a comprehensive cleaning service?

To keep the spaces in perfect condition and clean, Cleanings offers a comprehensive cleaning service. Cleaning service plans everything necessary so that the rooms have the best results in terms of cleaning. The cleaning company creates a specific plan for each room, analyzing all the details to be considered.

Comprehensive cleaning according to the industrial sector

The first thing we do at cleaning service is to know the needs depending on the industrial sector. We cannot offer the same comprehensive cleaning to the food industry, a nursing home, a pharmacy, a neighborhood community, or a nursery. Each of these sectors must have a different degree of disinfection and sanitation. In this way, we determine what chemical products we use in each of them to carry out the subsequent comprehensive cleaning of the company in question.

Comprehensive cleaning according to the size of the space

At the cleaning service, we also analyze the size of the space where the comprehensive cleaning will be carried out and the access to these. With these data, our cleaning company chooses which tools, machines, and procedures are the most suitable for excellent comprehensive cleaning. In addition to this, collecting this type of data will allow us to create a budget adjusted for the client.

The products and machines used in cleaning service

After analyzing the space and the sector where the integral cleaning will be carried out, the products, machinery, and protocols will be determined so that the result is of quality when the chemicals and other procedures are applied.

Cleaning service, a company with workers with training and experience.

To carry out a comprehensive cleaning, it is essential to determine how many workers are needed for the job and with what training since not all cleanings are created equal. To choose these workers, specialties are considered since each worker is trained for different tasks.

Cleaning service offers specific training in occupational health prevention and the correct performance of their tasks, as well as certificates and insurance to guarantee that our work is endorsed by the organizations and entities in charge of its fulfillment.

Comprehensive end-of-work cleaning: is it important?

Much debris and dirt accumulate at the end of a work, whether it is restoration, maintenance, or reform. Therefore, an excellent comprehensive cleaning service is necessary so that the site is in optimal condition for use.

The most crucial thing in comprehensive construction cleaning is to specify all the materials used to know the cleaning products and machines that will have to be used so that everything is properly clean, impeccable, and in the best condition. Using unsuitable products or misusing them can damage the elements of the recently finished work. At the cleaning service, we will take care of determining these products and machines so that everything looks as you imagined.

In addition, sometimes it is necessary after this comprehensive cleaning to carry out some added treatments such as polishing, polishing floors, or repairing glass to achieve the quality you expected with your work.

Security measures must be carried out because, being the completion of work, the demand must be more significant than in other sectors.

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