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Why sow grass?

Why sow grass?

Many people currently have a lawn, but very few people also maintain it properly. Throughout the year, the lawn gets a lot of wear and tear, and this means that its quality deteriorates. A lawn without maintenance can quickly lose its colour, as well as develop bald patches. Indeed, grass can die and chances are that new grass cannot grow. This is a shame, of course because it is, after all, very nice to have a lawn. A lawn is a wonderful addition to the back and front garden, provided it is well maintained. Maintaining a lawn seems difficult, but in principle it is simple. It is important to sow the grass once a year anyway, but what is that? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

What is grass sowing?

By sowing grass, we mean that you sow new grass seeds over the lawn. This is very important if the lawn is damaged and has bare spots. You can make sure in this way that the lawn will look beautiful again. However, when sowing grass, it is important to use high-quality grass seeds. Buy grass seed at Moowy is then very convenient because this provider sells high quality. Still, it is important to consider several things. After all, you have different types of grass seeds and each grass seed can be used for something different. For example, you have grass seeds for sports fields, but also grass seeds that grow better in the shade. Not every garden has enough sunlight, and you should always take this into account.

Moss killer

Besides sowing grass, it is also important to scarify the lawn. By doing so, you can create more space between the grass. This is where moss, weeds and thatch grow. This creates a thatch layer on the grass, which can sometimes be very annoying. This felt layer prevents sunlight from getting through. This is exactly what the lawn needs, which is why it is useful to use a moss killer. With a moss killer, it is possible to remove the moss. You can easily order a moss killer on the Internet, and this is also possible at Moowy. This is a true specialist in the field of lawn products. This way, you can keep your lawn in an optimal condition so you can enjoy it, ideal, right?


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