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Your cleaning company

Your cleaning company

To offer its customers cleaning services, it currently has a wide range of professional, comprehensive cleaning services for homes, companies, institutions, schools, and dealers, always betting on quality. And personalization in each of its services using innocuous products so that the health of children and pets is not affected. They have an expert team. They have obtained different certifications that guarantee their professionalism, sustainability, and commitment to the environment. In addition, we are pioneers in specific cleaning techniques in Granada’s cleaning process.

Soil crystallization

The passage of time, stains, aggressions, and daily use cause the shine and appearance of the floor to deteriorate. For this reason, we have a floor crystallization servicat, Odessa Real e, that will help you recover the lost natural shine, giving you an impeccable floor with a mirror-like appearance. It has become one of the most valued services in pavements such as terrazzo or marble.

Soil crystallization process

Crystallizing cannot be done on all floors; it can only be done on granite, marble, mosaics, and terrazzo, that is, only on calcareous beds. It would help if you had a rotary machine, steel wool, and a liquid crystallizer for this process. The method of crystallizing soil is as follows:

Do a deep cleaning of the surface to get rid of accumulated dirt and remains from previous treatments.
Apply the crystallizing liquid evenly over the floor’s entire surface and then pass over it with the rotary machine.
With the friction and temperature generated by the rotary machine, the liquid crystallizes and gives us the desired appearance of mirror shine.

Crystallized floors do not need maintenance and can be easily cleaned daily.

Garage cleaning

Whether you have your own or a community garage, poor maintenance can cause dirt to accumulate to such an extent that we cannot carry out deep cleaning. A garage will collect waste and many of those dangerous; for this reason, at Odessa honest, your cleaning company, we have an exclusive garage service so that this does not happen and with which we will avoid the accumulation of:

Toxic gases.
Spilled oils
and fat residue.
Dust, cobwebs

It is recommended to carry out deep cleaning of garages at least once a month. To do so, you must have specific products and tools at Odessa. GWealways use the most modern machinery and stain removers for periodic maintenance, disinfection, and comprehensive cleaning of all kinds of garages.

Goal cleaning

At Odessa Real, comprehensive specialized goal cleaning services are carried out by professionals with a long history. With close and friendly treatment and where you will have a reference person who will solve all the community’s problems.

Office cleaning

Cleaning your office is crucial for the image of your company. Still, it is also essential to maintain a healthy and optimal environment where clients and workers are comfortable and safe. For a comprehensive cleaning of offices, the set of artifacts, type of floor, walls, etc., must be considered. Each element will need a different product, method, and frequency; you must know the appropriate materials.

Depending on the furniture’s material, the products to be used must be considered since you can damage them.

At odessarealt we carry out our services throughout the province of Granada, so if you need any of our services or want to request a quote, you can contact us here.

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